Hybrid fridge

This project was created during my bachelor degree, the task was to design a product that will utilize an existing wasted energy.

The idea was born when I did some ordinary house cleaning- moved the fridge to clean behind it, and then felt like somehow the heater is on.

I then realized that the back of the fridge is emitting some not bad amounts of heat.

And there I had it:)

I decided then- I want this project to deal with utilizing the heat emitted from the fridge.

THE CONCEPT: A hybrid fridge that will redirect its heat for warming or defrosting food.

Before I started the design process, I had to learn a bit more about how refrigerators work, and why the hell they become so hot...

Our refrigerators are emitting heat, because of the heat pump that they hold. That pump function is to transfer heat from the inside of the fridge to its external environment, so that the inside of the fridge is cooled to a temperature below the ambient temperature of the room.

First I did some sketches. The fridge new function required it to have a new cell as well.

I decided I want to design this fridge for a company (during my bachelor, I often found it easier to design consumer good projects, like they were for a specific brand), and as for this project I chose General Electric.

I called this fridge CLIMO.

Climo's name and logo are about combining two opposites into a new hybrid product.


climo project image3.png


 Different optional design concepts

Different optional design concepts

 Physical 1:6 3D printed model

Physical 1:6 3D printed model