Wilting Watering Can

This project has been made during my master's degree studies, at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, as part of a studio course called "Over Weight". During the semester, we were required to select an object, which we would examine its essence and its excess. The object I chose was a generic red plastic watering can. I began with making some adding and subtracting manipulations on this watering can elements, Examining the minimum required for it to be identified, or to be called a watering can. And at the same time, did the opposite, by adding and loading elements to a point that it is no longer identifiable nor functional. During the development, I also examined other materials that could replace the product's polypropylene shell. I began to work with latex balloons as water tanks, which was a perfect fit for the task, since those balloons have natural pressure inside, that pushes the air, or in our case, the water- out without any extra pressure needed to apply by the user.

The second stage, was to design the spout, that would also be used as a valve to prevent the water from breaking out at its off time.

The result is a flexible screw connector that is used both as a spout and a valve.